Michael Jordan: Best Basketball Player of All time

The sport of basketball has seen the rise and fall of great players who have left indelible marks in the history of the sport. Some of these players are widely recognized for their contribution to their teams and the sporting activity in general. Current basketball players who have a chance to make a name and unforgettable mark in the history of the sporting activity include LeBron James, Kobe Bryant and Roy Hibberts. So are these players worth to be named the best basketball player of all time? Perhaps we are yet to see their full potentials and it might be too all to judge some of these players but to make the long story short, the chances of the current crop of NBA players does not show any signs of producing an all-time best basketball player. Only one name pops up when we talk of the best basketball player of all time; Michael Jordan.

Commonly known as MJ, Michael made a name for himself while playing for the Chicago Bulls. He helped his team in winning NBA championships in his two playing stints at the team. His first stint (1984-1993) at Chicago Bulls saw him win NBA championships and a number of Most Valuable Player awards. He then retired from professional basketball only to come back again in his second stint at the Chicago Bulls. This second stint (1995-1998) saw him increase his most valuable player awards to a record five. This American basketball player was also named 14 times NBA All-Star Player in his NBA playing career. His NBA scoring career points stand at 32,292 with 5,633 assists credit to him. To add up to his awards are 6 NBA finals most valuable player won after his Chicago Bulls team successfully reached the prestigious finals. Michael Jordan also won the 1984 Olympics gold medal for men’s basketball with team USA. The 1992 Olympics in Barcelona, Spain saw Michael Jordan bag up his second Olympic gold as team USA emerged victorious in this event.

Michael Jordan is also credit for playing a major role in marketing the NBA in the 80s and 90s. This made the sport famous on a worldwide scope. Michael Jordan was an all-round player in his playing days and was regarded as a good defensive player as he helped the Chicago Bulls win consecutive championships in the 80s and 90s. His name will remain Basketball hall of fame for the coming generation of basketball players and supporters to see his contribution to the sport. Michael Jordan is a living legend, a true basketball icon.
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